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Method of health care of preserve one's health of winter of doctor of traditional Chinese medic

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Heavy snow already passed, solstitial near. Nature was experienced spring unripe, Xia Chang, autumn harvest, entered a hiemal to seal Tibet, a lot of moved a plant to enter winter sleep. The in relief gas of human body also is changed along with nature and hide at inside. "Hide " for " unripe " foundation, tibet is good in the winter, life small doohickey, just can burst forth in spring powerful vitality. How can you be to accomplish a winter to hide? 01 Tibet body1 lie early to rise late" the classics inside Huang Di " : "Lie early to rise late, wait for sunlight surely. " it is bed of the recrudesce after saying to come out in winter sun. 2 go cold lukewarmImportant in the winter is heat preservation, live in relief energy of life. It is " the skin that do not have discharge " winter suits sit in meditation, 8 Duan Jin, and do not suit to resemble ran, play a ball game wait for violent campaign; 2 be " shut " outside preventing cold inbreak, cold heat has degree: Cold face, lukewarm tine, heat is sufficient. Washing a face with cold water namely is possible, but should use warm water gargle, winter bubble foot can use the Chinese herbal medicine of sth resembling a net of lukewarm stimulate the menstrual flow, be like: Excessive sheep leaveses of pulse plants, the boiling water such as Ai Xie, everyday bubble ten minutes. Spread out full text 01 Tibet mindThe consciousness that lets us, heart reads aloud, ambition wants conceal inside, do not reveal too much. Want to make what mind closes better, OK across protects pair of hands to guard his before the bosom, the god that perhaps goes up by classics of the kidney before kneading a bosom seals acupuncture point, divine Tibet acupuncture point. Bask moreWintry this world is the cheapest cordial, the time that present person basks everyday is few, those who follow to heat up a contact oneself greatly is little also, feel in relief to enrage inadequacy so. Actually nature is best remedial division, bask to be able to fill not only more so in relief gas, also be precautionary winter one of method of depressed disease. Filling kidney controls energy of lifeKidney is a priori this, winter is the best solar term that enrages into filling kidney. Have some of person winter insomnia, because kidney seals Tibetan function,be not beautiful. "Shui Kehuo " , if kidney water is insufficient, easy flourishing of internal heat criterion. But the food of water of much edible filling kidney, clear internal heat, be like ear of lotus seed, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf, lily, tuckahoe, black sesame seed, Hei Mu, walnutmeat; Cooperate moxibustion a few point: Too brook, emerge spring, 3 shade are handed in, the god faults. North wind is born at winter, disease happens in kidney more, the classics gas of kidney is defeated note at the waist. Winter and kidney are corresponding, reason winter is the optimal time that raises kidney. Kidney deficiency of yang causes disease of a lot of lumbar. Illustration of method of health care of preserve one's health of winter of doctor of traditional Chinese medicineThe doctor of traditional Chinese medicine tells a heart to conceal a mind, kidney hides essence of life. If one individual complexion is very gloomy, it is kidney deficiency of yang certainly, heart of as time passes also can give an issue. Some person ear are very black very grey, also kidney deficiency of yang is caused. If you enrage kidney complemental, the face is done not have so black. Xian Kerun kidney, kidney belongs to water in the five elements, the pig is belonged to in 5 cultivate. 5 cultivate are right the five internal organs: Hotpot correspondence fire; Beef correspondence earth; Pork correspondence water, cold sex is big, it is easy to eat too much pork so heavy, algidity weighs fungus infection of hand or foot. Legume slants more ability in swimming, protein content is high, reason can fill kidney solid kidney. The gas of legume slants cold (sex of red bean of ormosia, bare is not cold, have go wet effect) , taste is cold two ginger can be added when cool person drinks soya-bean milk, lest diarrhoea. Illustration of method of health care of preserve one's health of winter of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine 1Illustration of method of health care of preserve one's health of winter of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine 2Kidney is in the five notes of Chinese ancient five-tone scale feather, the person that is not worth because of this kidney water hears a news more, multi-purpose number 6. Inside music of the five elements feather sound it is the water that enter kidney. Feather mode music nobleness is settleclear clean, dan Dangqing fars away, have the character of water. Kidney belongs to water in the five elements, feather the fall that mode music can promote systemic air plane, adjust kidney and cystic function, nourishing kidney essence. Feather eye of phonic delegate music has " 2 springs reflect a month " , " Liang Zhu " , " Han Gongqiu month " , " black morbid night crying of babies " , " childish Chao Fei " etc. So music also can treat a disease. Works of God has property of yin and yang, can treat a disease so. Return Sohu, examine more


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